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Wedding Marquee Hire Packages

Below we have provided a small sample of Wedding Marquee Hire Packages as a good place to start. Keep in mind that we generally prefer to custom design a package to suite your specific style to reflect your dream wedding. We know that most people will only organize an event of this scale no more than once or twice in a liftime, so we try to make the process as transparent as we can to help you form a more accurate wedding budget.


You may also want to consider our popular Reception or Ceremony Hire Packages


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Included with all packages:


Free on Site/Venue meeting
***no obligation and no deposit required!
We understand a Marquee Hire for a Wedding is a stressful event at the best of times, so HA Hire offers a meet on site, in person service to help reduce stress as much as possible. a Site visit will ensure that you dont incur any unforseen site related fees, this way you can rest assured that the quote we provide you with will be accurate.
The Renee
THE RENEE is the essential Rustic Marquee Wedding Hire Package. This Package is specifically designed for the budget conscious bride that is looking for the perfect rustic themed Wedding whilst keeping the overall cost down to a minimum. We have included everything you need to hold the perfect occasion in your backyard, small holding or farm.
The Mellissa
THE MELLISSA is one of our Deluxe Marquee Wedding Hire Packages. We have created a bespoke rustic themed wedding, with more than the essentials package, including timber flooring to complement the rustic theme whilst creating a high spec formal event allowing the comfortable wearing of high heels and formal dresses for you and your guests. The Rustic provides you with the best of both worlds, you get an on-trend theme with the benefit of it being a glamorous formal setting.
Bespoke-Marquee-Wedding-Swan Valley-Perth.jpg
The Hazel
THE HAZEL is one of our Premium Marquee Wedding Hire Packages which includes almost everything you can dream of. Your guest will be dining in luxury on timber flooring with climate controlled reverse cycle air-conditioning with a soft lit romantic ambiance in full silk ceiling lining covered in fairy lights and crystal chandeliers. We even ensure that a full outside area is setup in a cocktail format so guests can mingle outside in the fresh air.

Our extensive knowledge and experience guarantee your event will be a success. 

We offer a unique range of Wedding Marquee Hire Packages that will give your special day the memorable experience, while taking the stress out of planning.

Perhaps consider one of our most popular pre-packaged Wedding Marquee Hire Packages above. Alternatively, create your own custom Wedding Marquee Hire Package by clicking on the Product tab on the main menu and adding individual items to the quote cart. In return we will send you a quote to reflect your specific look and feel.

HA Hire is a premier Wedding Marquee Hire supplier in Perth and our staff is highly qualified and reliable. Wedding Marquee functions often needs to be installed or packed down in a very short time frame due to site policies or other function comitments, and it requires extreme promptness and trust by your supplier. The last thing you wnt to be worried about on your wedding day is your suppliers. With HA Hire you can rest assured that we only employ reliable staff and because we are not a small "work from home" company, we have backup staff should something unforeseen happen on the day. 

Trust us with your Wedding Marquee Hire and we will ensure you have a beautiful day that people will talk about for years to come and for all the right reasons. Because HA Hire has come to the rescue to countless brides over the years due to "no show/backyard operators" we can say with confidence that we are a premier Wedding Marquee Hire supplier and that our Wedding Marquee Hire Packages are price competitive, even when compared with the "backyard operations".

We provide the more obviuos things such as Quality Products and On Trend Furniture, but our main commitment is always on reducing stress for the Bride and Groom, employing friendly and reliable staff and affordability.