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Cool Room Trailer Hire

Cool Room Trailer Hire
HA Hire has a fleet of new Cool room trailers for Hire now available. Our trailers are fitted with cooling condensers that is specifically engineered in Germany to be mounted on a moving vehicle. Unlike many of the available Cool room Hire trailers in Perth that is not built to go on-road as they have used cooling units made to be mounted on stationary buildings. With HA Hire you can rest easy knowing that your chances of being charged for a damaged condenser is almost non-existent. Our Cool room Hire trailers are easy to tow and you can pick them us from us or you can have us deliver them to you. 
Cool Room Specifications
Our trailer Cool Rooms are available for you to Tow or for more convenience we can deliver straight to you. All Cool Room Trailers are fitted with shelving to help you create easy access to different beverages, these shelves are also easily adjustable to ensure all stock fits perfectly. HA Hire values friendly staff and we serve with a smile, our Cool Room Hire rates and prices are Affordable & we have a best pricing guaranteed policy when hired with our Marquees. Our Cool Room units are the best quality units available in Perth. All our trailer cool rooms are fitted with German Engineered Condenser Cooling units, which means they are the most reliable cool room trailers for hire in Perth and it also means most reliable cool rooms giving you the coldest drinks every time! Our Cool Rooms are professionally cleaned and sanitized after each use. All our Trailer Cool Rooms are Food & safety compliant, Australian electrical safety standards compliant and each  Cool room is fitted with lockable latches for security.
Generator Hire Availible
If you are using our Cool Room in a remote location or perhaps its just to far away to run a power cable, then HA hire can supply you with a Generator for a small extra fee. Our Generators come in 2.2kVA, 7 kVA, 22 kVA and 60kVA so in any event we will have you covered.
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