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5 myths about the cost of a marquee wedding


It is a myth to consider that cost should be a reason not to consider a marquee wedding... although it can be true, given that marquee weddings really are the gold standard for weddings and the sky is literally the limit, the cost of a marquee wedding does not need to be a limiting factor. As an all-in-one box supplier HA Hire has been bucking the trends in making marquee weddings more affordable. We have seen in recent years, brides using our packages to put together some of the most breath-taking weddings at costs that have been comparable to stock and standard run of the mill wedding venues. And we will tell you the 5 reasons why:


The first reason where marquee weddings generally save on wedding cost, is the cost of hiring a wedding coordinator. Most venues come with a wedding coordinator, and although most people never consider this, you need to ask who pays for them? ... well of course the answer is that, you do! It’s included in the cost of hiring the venue. HA Hire provides you with packaged deals that has implemented 25 years of experience that you need not pay for. Although we don’t offer the full convenience of a wedding coordinator we do come surprisingly close and we believe most brides are quietly excited about the prospect of doing a bit of the hands on organising themselves, after all its a whole lot of fun and after all wedding coordinators don’t to everything anyway, for that you need to employ a wedding planner which adds even more $$. the major reason why you need a coordinator and perhaps a planner is due to the highly condensed time slots in which venues operate. It’s not unusual for a popular venue to have a breakfast or even sometimes a lunch function in the same space as your wedding. And so, in these situations it is rather important to have someone that will sort things out for you, it’s simply not practical for you to do so. The coordinator, will ensure that the room is cleared from the previous event and transformed into your wedding setup. The space might have been used as a corporate conference, corporate lunch or perhaps the space is an operating restaurant. The coordinator ensures that the tables are reset, the room is vacuumed and cleaned, decorating and coordinating all the suppliers in a window of time sometimes no longer than 2-3 hours. That’s all your suppliers, from the cake, DJ, florist, decorator, furniture, linen, table settings, photo booth, dance floor, audio visual, stagging, backdrop, ceiling silks, furniture, chair covers, Lolly buffet and wishing well, the band, bonbonniere just to name a few. Where as in a marquee weddings HA Hire would have ensured that the venue and furniture is ready days before your wedding which is what enables the bride to play the coordinator roll without all the last-minute stresses associated with standard venues.


Second cost saver is alcohol and drinks savings, this is possible going to be your single biggest cost saving compared to venues. A venue will charge anything from $45-$70 per head for alcohol and then another $10-$15 per head for soft drink, seriously who drinks $15 worth of soft drink? We find that most brides are able to run down to the local liquor store pick out the beer and wines you like and have it delivered straight to the marquee where our commercial cool room trailer will be waiting. Make sure you pick the right bottle store because they will allow you to return all unopened bottles for a full refund, so you only pay for what you use and the cost savings are staggering. We often hear savings of between $35-$45 per head, so for a wedding with 100 guests that could be $3,500-$4,500... that is huge!


Third cost saver is ceremony cost savings, given that you are already using a special location you would more than likely decide to have the ceremony at the same location. This again could save you up to $500-$1000 in site related charges and hire equipment as you prob could use some of the furniture from the reception for the ceremony.


Fourth cost saver is setup labour cost saving, one of the most but seemingly un considered cost savings is the setup of the furniture, ceremony and other decor. As mentioned before in the run of the mill venues you don’t have this luxury due to the short setup times allowed, but you’ll be able to gather your besties and your family to get together a few days before to help with this. These memories shared together often get referred to as the best of times. Everything you or your family or friends can do saves and it saves big, considering each vendor has to pay every staff member a minimum of 4.5 hrs of labour and on the weekend incurs penalty rates that hike up the price quickly. So again, you must remember although nobody will tell you this, you are the one paying the wages all day long. The more you, your friends or family can do the more you save!


Fifth cost saver is package deals savings, HA Hire is a specialist in this space. And all though our procedures and our cost cutting techniques plays a major factor in keeping cost down, it’s our ability to supply literally everything out of one box for your wedding. You deal with one person; we ship everything in our trucks which in itself can literally save you thousand in transportation cost alone compared to using 4 or 5 or even 10 separate suppliers to supply what we can supply. HA Hire have you covered from the structure all the way to the lights, including crystal chandeliers, fairy lights, festoon lights, up lights, mood lights, flood lights and even path lights, roof lining, timber flooring, dance floor, tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery, glassware, catering equipment, power generators, reverse cycle air conditioners, heaters, umbrellas, cool rooms, VIP toilets, and yes even the toilet paper :) .... in other words, a fully functional bespoke wedding venue, where you want it and how you want it.


HA Hire is a family owned and operated company and we love weddings, we serve with a smile and a helpful attitude. Our prices are comparable in some situations to the run of the mill venue but the experience and the final product is not. Although marquee wedding are priceless, HA Hire believes you can pay less and stay within budget.


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