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How Much Does a Marquee

Wedding Cost?


Wedding Marquee Hire Cost


How much does a marquee wedding cost

It’s the number one question when planning a wedding. How much does it cost? Marquee Weddings have always been seen as the gold standard of weddings. Many brides look at the option but only a hand full ever pursues it to the point of making the dream a reality. We provide you with a quick online Marquee Wedding Price Guide to help you calculate your budget.

Is Marquee Weddings really more expensive?

The first thing to consider is that, with Marquee Weddings, everything has to be shipped, mobilised, installed and again removed from site specifically for you. This does means you will face some extra cost compared to the run of the mill stock and standard wedding venue. These brick and mortar wedding venues already has everything in place and can supply these items at a very low cost given all furniture, kitchen equipment etc is on site. Nevertheless, the surprising fact is that Marquee Weddings have become very price competitive compared to the alternative venues, and in some instances, you might even find that if a special location or a view is something that you have your heart set on, then very often Marquee Wedding might actually surprise you in term of the cost competitiveness. The reason being that, venues with special locations that include beautiful views pay an absolute premium in rent and because they tend to be popular, they have an over demand and therefore charge a premium for their venue. This is where the Marquee Wedding comes into it own, you might already have the blessing of owning one of these beautiful properties or perhaps you know someone that does or you can hire one (for example the South Perth Foreshore, Matilda Bay Reserve etc) for a small fee.

How do I keep the cost down with Marquee Weddings?

One of the first and most common mistakes brides tend to make with Weddings is over decorating and over complicating the wedding with too many extras. For example, if you decide to book your local Golf Club, Yacht Club or community Hall you might find that you end up spending another $3,500-$5,000 on Decorations such as Backdrops, Ceiling Silks, Wedding Chairs, Table Linen, Fairy Lights etc. The beauty of a Marquee Wedding is that the setup of the marquee is a huge part of your décor as in it self it creates the theme of a Bespoke wedding. The location will have a sentimental value that no other venue can offer. And another factor that comes into play with Marquee Weddings are the saving in terms of the furniture that you need to hire, which has become a bit of a necessity these days. Because you will be able to deal with one company, you will save on multiple delivery charges, and in the context of a standard venue, you will be required to have all suppliers remove their equipment straight after the event at mid night, this alone will cost you upwards of $440 per supplier as a minimum. In terms of the Marquee Wedding, given that the furniture is supplied by the Marquee Hire company, you will not face any extra cost and you don’t need to employ multiple vendors that push the price up even further.

The big Question, How Much does it cost?

As you might have picked up, there is no reason why a marquee wedding should cost any more than your normal wedding venue. HA Hire has Marquee Wedding Packages that range from $110 to $250 per person. These packages can include everything you need from Marquee Hire, Furniture Hire, Tableware, Lights and even Catering and Drink Options.

Why a Marquee Wedding?

As we have established a marquee wedding is not the cheapest option, but in terms of experience it is unmatched and certainly one of the most sought-after Wedding Venue options for Brides that are looking for something unique and a venue that will be truly special. Having been involved in more than 10,000 events of the past 20 years we know that Marquee Weddings create by far the most positive comments from the Brides and their guests. This means, Marquee Wedding has a special atmosphere, it is unique in nature and it has that sense of relaxed atmosphere that can only be found being outside and under the stars.

Marquee Weddings truly are the perfect Wedding Venue.